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home cultures

Skanska Reality
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Skanska as the international residential developer take a full responsibility for creating an environment
in which people can live fully and naturally and bring up the next generation. An environment that can
positively affect home cultures does not reside inside the four walls of apartments, but spreads into
the spaces between buildings, neighborhoods, and literally across the whole planet.

Home cultures in new developments

In addition to good quality of life in apartments, new residential areas must cater for
diverse and dynamic life between the buildings. As developers we have to look beyond
the interiors to the surrounding areas where people can spend their free time.
A home is not only four walls, but also the space around them.

New developments should show respect for the neighborhood and the inhabitants who
lived here long before their arrival in the area, which will help newcomers incorporate
seamlessly into their local communities.

Residential areas of the future must be designed and built with the utmost respect for
natural resources so as to minimize or eliminate the burden on the environment during
construction, and especially during their life cycle for many decades to come.
All this together with well-designed layouts, top quality materials and high standards
of design and construction represents the lasting value of the owners’ new homes.