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Atelijèur Půda

Karel Gott


Unique autobiography of the greatest legend of Czech and Czechoslovak music
of all time. The publication contains approximately 1800 photographs and other
images and documentary materials, many of which have never been published before.

Karel Gott completed the book during his lifetime and also worked extensively
on the pictorial documentation until his last days. He talks openly about his private
life, his daughters, his marriage, but also about things that until now, for various
reasons, have been shrouded in the veil of secrecy. His memoirs go back to his
earliest childhood, telling of his parents and the wider family, school years, friends
and personal hobbies, which included boyhood years, especially painting.
He is both self-critical and extremely honest in his inventory of fate, especially
in the final chapters, in which he describes a difficult period of struggle with
an insidious disease.

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